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Three wheeled cake

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A cake on three wheels. Trotters Independent Trading company van made famous on TV. (Only fools and horses) This 3D scale model is painted and sign written like the real one sits on its wheels and so can be viewed from any angle.  Design could be adapted for weddings and other celebrations.



A true collectors item.


Pigs in mud

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As happy as pigs in mud, this plain two layer jam and butter cream sponge cake is surrounded with KitKat fingers and topped with chocolate ganache. The personalized pigs swim in the mud reading their favorite books and magazines.

Ah to be a pig!


Living room

Jul 12th, 2011 Posted in Anniversary, Romance | 2 Comments »
This cake was made for a wedding anniversary and based on a photo their living room. It included the family pet and lots of little details unique to them including clothes, hair, glasses etc. Best of all the only part that could not be eaten was the handmade wire glasses which they both wore.